A downloadable apricity for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Platformer with spikes, turrets and deadly saws!

This is an old project of mine, it has public domain assets AND bought assets. Test it out check if I missed bugs or if you like the gameplay.

You can make your own levels for the engine using Tiled Map Editor(https://thorbjorn.itch.io/tiled) and run the command "map mylevelfile.tmx" on the console (TAB) , there is a level editor tutorial specific for the engine in maps folder!

I want to release the source code to github, it's written in java with libgdx. I've used the in-game console for my newest game I am making.

I have a version of this game that runs on android

Default controls: 

  • W - jump
  • A - go left
  • D - go right
  • Left CTRL - Duck
  • ESC - Go to menu
  • TAB - Open console (Version very old)

Here's a playlist of videos that shows gameplay:


These versions are stable enough to play but are not polished, some sounds are missing.


Main Menu Level selector doesn't read installed levels and causes crashing

In settings the resolution says Fullscreen but initially the game won't be in full screen, resetting fullscreen option will make the game start in fullscreen

Install instructions

Run the executable jar file, you might need to set it as executable in permissions


Apricityv4.zip 49 MB
Apricityv3.rar 47 MB

Development log